Thermal Imaging Scanner

Zero Carbon Haddenham have a handheld FLIR Thermal Imaging Scanner available for loan to Haddenham village residents. This device is a camera which takes special infra-red pictures which can be used to reveal any hotspots caused by poor insulation where heat is escaping from the walls, roof, windows or doors of a property. For those who have used our scanner in the past, this is a completely new and improved device with better resolution and the ability to merge the thermal image with a conventional photograph for better identification of features.

The Thermal Imaging Scanner booking calendar below is now closed for bookings until the end of 2024. This is because the scanner is most effective for building surveys in the winter months when greater temperature differentials between inside and ambient temperatures can be achieved. Please email should you have an urgent need to borrow it for some reason before then.

We ask for a £10 deposit from borrowers of the scanner which we will invite you to turn into a donation when you return the device. Our scanner has helped many people over the years to locate and correct insulation problems – poorly fitting doors and windows, lack of roof insulation and badly installed cavity wall insulation.

We regret we are unable to provide a scanning service as this is a “Do-it-Yourself” scheme only. For borrowers of the scanner we provide a Thermal Imaging Help Centre to answer your questions and provide guidance in using the instrument.