Haddenham Repair Cafe – changing to a virtual cafe!

…is back and open for repairs once more!

The monthly Haddenham Repair Cafe is currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But we are expectiong to hold more events soon!. In the meantime we are open as a virtual service! Our team of volunteers are still keen to help you repair broken things – anything portable; we’ll try to help! If it looks like it can’t be repaired, we’ll tell you and if it needs a spare part, we’ll try to help you find one.

You can request our help with a repair through our online form below:

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More about the Repair Cafe…

Supported by Zero-Carbon Haddenham, we aim to encourage ‘repairing’ rather than ‘replacing’ as the logical first step when things break. Why? Because repairing keeps things out of landfill and reduces un-necessary consumption.

We would hope to be able to help you tackle most repairs where a little glue or a replacement screw or part is needed. There will be some things we are not likely to be able to fix – broken screens on mobile phones for example! And we have to draw the line where things are not portable – large pieces of furniture for example. Some things are designed so they are hard to repair so we may not be able to help – but try us! We like a challenge!

We expect to resume holding this event each month based in the Village Hall after the COVID-19 emergency.

You can contact us by email at repaircafe@nullzeroch.org for more details.