A successful morning planting at ‘The Glebie’!

It was great to be joined by some new planters on Saturday morning! We planted hawthorn and hazel hedging, with some daffodils, loosestrife and iris to hopefully bring a splash of colour.

If you want to get involved too then there is plenty of opportunity, we will be planting trees and hedging around the edges of Tibbs Road sports field (behind the co-op). There are two dates planned with more to go in the calendar soon – you can find out more https://zeroch.org/info-about-our-tree-planting-sessions/ and https://zeroch.org/tree-planting-dates/

Here are a few photographs from the planting session.

Paddy & Lesley & the rest of the team
David wrapping the spiral guards that we had recycled from another recently established hedge in the village
Ollie getting stuck in
Sue clearing nettles
Barbara & Karen planting hawthorn

Who gave Jon that mattock?
Hazel plants coming over the fence – thanks Sue!
All done & dusted – well, swept!
It’s looking a lot better