Info about our tree planting sessions

We would love to see you, here’s what you need to know

  • Bring your spade and gloves, wear sturdy shoes and keep an eye on the weather forecast to see if you need a raincoat or sun hat! Bring a bottle of water – it can be thirsty work. If you have a wheel barrow, watering can and some empty compost sacks they can be useful too, but not essential.
  • Children are welcome to be involved, but only with their parent’s supervision.
  • We will ask you to provide emergency contact details and listen to a safety briefing before we start. It is important that we work in a way that keeps everyone, including passers by, as safe as possible. That means keeping a tidy site so that we don’t trip over stray spades etc and not over-stretching ourselves – we want you to go home without aches and pains!
  • If digging seems like it might be too strenuous for you then providing refreshments on the morning is another way to help on the day if you want to be involved. Or you could help with admin, like making sure everyone has signed in and given their contact details, recording what tree is planted where. Sometimes just keeping an eye on where things are and passing stuff to the person who needs it next can be really helpful!

Once the trees are planted, they will need regular watering and the immediate area around them will need to be kept clear of weeds for their first couple of years in the ground. If you live or work near to some new trees perhaps you could volunteer to do this?

See the planting session dates here

If you have questions, want to get more involved or want to contact us then please email