Electric Car Club

The new Electric Car Club car with the Zero Carbon Haddenham logo

We’re very excited to announce that Haddenham’s own EV Hire Club will be launching on Saturday 3rd December! There will be a stall outside the village hall in the morning, with people on hand to answer any questions, show you the car and talk you through the process of using your phone to book, unlock and start the car.

The club is being run by local hire firm 3B – you can find out more and sign up for free on their
. There’s no monthly membership fee – you just pay for the hours you use the car.

The Hire Club is a commercial venture rather than a Zero Carbon Haddenham project, but we have
been instrumental in bringing it to the village and encourage people to see if it is right for them, as
car clubs have great potential to help us decarbonise whilst minimising our consumption of

And given that the average car in the UK is parked for nearly 96% of the time and costs over £3,500
per year to run, you might save a significant amount of money! Since the pandemic in particular,
many households with second cars have found they are being used much less, and have chosen to
sell them. The Hire Club still gives you the option of accessing a second vehicle when you need it.

Membership means you pay for your car only when you need it:

  • Hire a car for as little as an hour to run a quick errand
  • Or take advantage of cheaper rates for longer trips

Either way, you’ll be driving a modern, environmentally friendly vehicle

It also means the club deals with the hassle and cost of car ownership, taking care of:

  • Servicing/MOT
  • Repairs
  • Breakdown cover
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning
  • Vehicle Excise Duty (Tax)
  • Depreciation

Modern, efficient, electric vehicles produce no tailpipe emissions and generate much lower “whole
of life” carbon emissions than the equivalent petrol or diesel cars. But the environmental benefits of
sharing rather than owning don’t stop there.

It takes a significant amount of energy and materials to manufacture cars, but because the average
car club car in England and Wales takes 9 privately owned vehicles off the road, this impact is vastly

Zero tailpipe emissions means you are helping reduce the carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere
that adds to climate change, and you are avoiding local air pollution especially from micro-particles
that are known to be damaging to health.

Members also tend to drive less than car owners, because each journey is evaluated on merit. With
a car in the driveway, driving becomes the default choice. As a car club member, you compare the
cost of driving to public transport, walking or cycling.

But you will still be able to rely on the convenience of driving when you need to. Just book a car
when you want one and drive away.