• More trees go in – this time in Sheerstock Park

    Huge thanks to the hardy group of people who turned out this morning to plant trees, despite the wind, cold, rain and snow! We had a successful time and got 13 trees planted. We have volunteers to water some of the trees but are looking for more – please get in touch if you can help releaf@nullzeroch.org (What this entails is putting 2 watering cans full of water on your adopted tree once every week between March & October for its first 2 years in the ground. And finding someone to cover you when you can’t do it.)

  • More trees for Haddenham as part of the reLEAF project

    Buckinghamshire Council (BC)  recently made a successful bid to the Local Authority Treescapes fund. Part of that bid included trees for Haddenham which the reLEAF project team requested (various other community groups around the county also requested trees and will be receiving funding). Some of the funding awarded to Haddenham is for ‘street trees’, in other words in the verges next to the roads. So, we are delighted to announce that this winter 24 street trees will  be planted by BC contractors. The standard trees, ie ~12-16cm girth,  will include, but not be limited to: flowering cherry, london plane, mountain ash, rowan, and small-leaved lime. The new trees will be in Sheerstock, Slave Hill, Station Road, Stockwell Furlong/Churchway, Thame Road, The Gables and Willow Rise. The approximate locations are shown on this map but may change when the contractors perform CAT scans to identify any buried utility services.

    Other sites were requested but were deemed unsuitable for a tree. Watering the trees is essential in the first few years and the BC contractors will also be doing this.

    There are a number of risks associated with planting trees in the verges, footways and carriageways, which  are all considered to be part of ‘the highway’. Because of this BC require that only competent contractors working on their behalf, with appropriate public liability, plant street trees. reLEAFhave been working with BC to make the process of requesting a street tree more straightforward, but please note there is a charge for this – you will receive a quotation if the site is assessed as being suitable.


  • Come & help plant some trees in Sheerstock Park 10am Saturday Nov 27th

    Bring your spade and gloves, wear sturdy shoes and keep an eye on the weather forecast to see if you need a raincoat or sun hat! Children are welcome to be involved with their parent’s supervision. We will ask you to provide emergency contact details and listen to a safety briefing before starting.

    Once the trees are planted, they will need regular watering and the immediate area around them will need to be kept clear of weeds. It would be great if people living nearby can look after them for the first few years – we will be asking for volunteers for each tree. We are planning to plant at least one fruit tree so, in the longer term there will be fruit to harvest – we hope people will help themselves to what their family can eat that week & leave some for others to take.

  • Haddenham Repair Cafe

    Repair Cafe Logo

    Re-starting this Saturday 6th November 2021

    09:30 to 12:30 – Haddenham Village Hall

    The Haddenham Repair Cafe is a project of Zero Carbon Haddenham, and its aim is to encourage ‘repairing’ rather than ‘replacing’ as the logical first step when things break. Why? Because repairing keeps things out of landfill and reduces un-necessary consumption. After launching in 2020 we were forced to close again in March of that year when the Covid-19 pandemic first swept the world.

    We hope to be able to help you tackle most repairs where a little glue or a replacement screw or part is needed. There will be some things we are not likely to be able to fix – broken screens on mobile phones for example! And we have to draw the line where things are not portable – large pieces of furniture for example. Some things are designed so they are hard to repair so we may not be able to help – but try us! We like a challenge! We don’t charge for helping you but we do invite donations to help cover our costs – more details at https://zeroch.org/donate/

    We hope to resume holding this event each month in the near future but as a taster we will be in the foyer of Haddenham Village Hall on Saturday 6th November for you to either bring along anything for repair or just have a chat with the team if you want to get involved in helping. If you cannot make it on Saturday, you can contact us by email at repaircafe@nullzeroch.org for more details or you can book an item in for a repair by one of our team at https://zeroch.org/repair-cafe