Zero-Carbon Haddenham

Zero-Carbon Haddenham is a group of ordinary people living ordinary lives who want to make sure that Haddenham is an extraordinary community resilient to the potential impacts of climate change and promote initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint as individuals and as a community.

Zero-Carbon Haddenham is the new name for ‘Haddenham in Transition’, a group setup some years ago with similar aims and allied to the international Transition towns movement. Every Transition group works with the resources they have locally on the issues that matter locally but our change of name recognises that the universal problem of anthoprogenic global warming has now become the overriding issue facing the world.

You can find out about the work we are doing and the projects we are working on elsewhere on this site. We are currently running 2 projects – reLEAF – with an aim of doubling the number of trees in Haddenham and Repair Cafe – aiming to keep broken stuff out of landfill by repairing not replacing. Please get in touch if you want to know more or support our efforts!